A mask made from terracotta, with antique porcelain dentures.

The High Priestess - I was delving deep into palm symbolism and found that there is a link between the fan palm and the Hight Priestess of the tarot deck. This totally made sense to me as she’s got links to the virgin Mary, solar energy, and righteousness, resurrection and reward. The high priestess for me is all about emotional power and it’s consequences - the responsibilities of insight which can be used to heal or to manipulate others. Whenever she comes up for me I take it as a question: who are you going to be? 
I gave this mask a crowning fan palm, and two feather palms representing the dual powers of emotional intelligence, and on the back is one of my own personal mantras - INSIGHT, EMPATHY, INTEGRITY. It’s my version of ‘don’t be a dick’. I made three bells (which sound beautiful, I was surprised!) along the bottom to represent each word - you can ring them as you contemplate your own power, and ask yourself, who are you going to be?

The High Priestess